Literacy and Numeracy

Literacy and numeracy form the core of our curriculum at all year levels at Auburn.

Across the week, at least ten hours of literacy is explicitly taught in every class, incorporating reading, writing and speaking and listening. A minimum of five hours of numeracy is also scheduled. 

Spelling is an essential component of the English curriculum. Learning to write well involves learning to spell, as writing creates the need for spelling. We take a consistent, whole school approach to spelling which looks at the sound, sound blends, roots and meanings of words.

Numeracy refers to all aspects of Mathematics. This incorporates number, measurement, chance, space and mathematical language. A hands on, problem-solving inquiry approach is used, in combination with explicit teaching to build students’ skills.

Explicit, targeted skills teaching occurs, usually within the context of the inquiry focus which, more often than not, has a Science focus. 

The skills that students will require to successfully complete inquiry activities are carefully planned out, with delivery occurring via clinic group teaching. Teachers will nominate some students to particpate in clinics, and students can also self-nominate, to reinforce their skills and knowledge. 

We pride ourselves on the excellent academic achievement of our students in literacy and numeracy. A range of data collections and the national testing results bear this out.


Writer's Workshop

The video below, produced by our students and staff, explains the writing process used at Auburn Primary.