Languages (Chinese Mandarin)

Auburn Primary School recognises that learning a language other than English is an important vehicle for cultural and cross-cultural understanding. We are proud to offer Chinese Mandarin as our Language. As China is a close and important neighbour to Australia we believe the opportunity to learn Mandarin is excellent for our students.

The Chinese program is designed to develop an awareness and appreciation of both the Chinese culture and language. The four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) are taught and oral skill is strongly emphasised.

Our philosophy is to introduce Chinese in a meaningful and interesting form. This involves the use of a variety of materials and activities such as digital stories and interactive activities, songs, language games, poems, stories, role-play, cooking and calligraphy.

The establishment of a sister school in Hanzhong, China will further enhance our Chinese program. Hopefully Auburn students will visit China in September 2017.