The Arts

Performing Arts

Performing Arts gives students an outlet for the communication of ideas, feelings and beliefs. The program at our school provides opportunities for students to participate in a range of activities in the areas of singing, movement/dance, listening, playing and creating. Activities are often linked to the work being studied in the integrated studies unit in the classroom.

Students at various year levels are also given the opportunity to be involved in the school choir and band. Friends of Music, a low key performance opportunity that is scheduled each term, also supports budding musicians.

A biennial, whole school performance occurs in odd years.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts classes are conducted by a specialist Visual Arts teacher. Each class has one 60 minute Art class each week. The art program is comprised of painting, drawing, sculpture, modelling, threads and textiles, art appreciation, construction.

An Art Club operates after school as an extra curricula opportunity. To protect their uniforms, children are asked to provide an Art Smock for these classes. Parent assistance is welcome in the art room.

An artist in residence program, which often coincides with our whole school performance years, provides additional motivation and perspective, and has contributed outdoor art through the school.