Our Purpose and Values


Our students will learn from our rich history, connect with current events and create and contribute to a global future.  We best equip our students to thrive in a rapidly changing world by providing learning opportunities that challenge and engage every student. Our culture puts learning at the centre, with sound literacy and numeracy skills forming the foundation to facilitate inquiry. Nurturing the development of the whole child ensures that we foster well rounded, confident and resilient students.  

Our teaching and learning philosophy encourages children to:

  • take responsibility for their behaviours and a pride in their achievements
  • develop an awareness of the learning strategies which enable them to become independent, lifelong learners
  • develop effective decision making, problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • be socially connected and develop acceptable social skills
  • learn to operate effectively as a part of a team
  • undertake leadership roles through a variety of whole-school and classroom responsibilities and opportunities
  • strive to perform to the best of their abilities.

Our Motto

Learn, Connect, Create

Our Purpose

Learn from our past, connect with the present, create our future.

Auburn Primary School encourages positive contributions to personal, local and global learning communities.  We consider and respect others, foster high levels of literacy and numeracy, and the ability to think logically, critically and creatively.

Our Values

  • Endeavour: being ready to take risks to grow and learn within a supportive environment
  • Responsibility: being ready to learn and prepared to accept the consequences of actions
  • Respect: caring about yourself, others and your  environment
  • Resilience: coping with life’s challenges