Our Staff

We have a committed and dedicated staff, with a good balance of age and experience. Staff plan and work together in teams to ensure the best possible outcome for each child. 

Senior Leadership 

Principal:  Tim Sawalaga;  Assistant Principal:  Allison Blackley;  Assistant Principal:  Andrew Wood. 

Leading Teacher:  Carol O'Neill (curriculum, coaching and support).

Learning Specialists:  Charlene Simons & Josh Kelly.



Prep A: Caroline Coady; Prep B:  Alexia Yianoulatis (Learning Leader); Prep C:  Rhani Donald.

Level 1 and 2

1/2A: Ami Tran; 1/2B: Josh Kelly (Learning Specialist) & Allison Blackley (Assistant Principal); 1/2C: Camilla Ella; 1/2D: Jessi Adams; 1/2E: Kaye Henry (Learning Leader); 1/2F: Katie Tesoriero

Level 3 and 4

3/4A: Jack Helms,  3/4B: Gemma Lindsay-Knape;  3/4C: Sherina Karunaratna; 3/4D: Gemma Setter (Learning Leader);   3/4E:Tessa Johnston; 3/4F: Charlene Simons (Learning Specialist) & Andrew Wood (Assistant Principal)

Level 5 and 6

5/6A: Naomi Salton; 5/6B: Daniel Hutton; 5/6C: Brydon O'Neill-Guy;  5/6D: Cam Howat (Learning Leader).


Specialist and Support Staff

Visual Arts: Emma Pentz; Performing Arts: Michael Patton; H & PE: Natasha Englehardt; Languages: Clara Ellis

EAL: Louise Hodgkinson; Reading Intervention: Michael Lee; STEM/Intervention & Coach:  Sharon Woodard.

Integration Aides: Melanie Lawrence, Michael Houben, James Clements, Sophy Bahramian


Student Administration & Finance

Reception, Student Administration & First Aid:  Natalie Grummitt (Wed,Thu,Fri); Tania Finocchiaro (Mon,Tues, Fri)

Accounts:  Marianne Gonsalves (Tue,Wed, every alternate Thu);  Business Manager: Natalie Smolarek. 


DET Support Staff

ICT Specialist Technician:  Luiz Bourdot do Santos

Student Support Services:  Ashleigh Barber (Psychologist)