Our School Council

School Council, within the framework of overall state policy guidelines, develops systems and processes that best suit our students. Council has a range of responsibilities, including policy making, general facilities and grounds usage and maintenance, budget approval and oversight, employment of the principal and some staff (including Out of School Hours coordinators), community participation.

Whilst overall policy is determined by School Council the day to day programs and operation of the school are the responsibility of the principal and staff.

The operation of School Council and its sub-committees are assisted by a set of principles and procedures, called Standing Orders and Terms of Reference (role statements).

Composition of Council

School Council is structured to represent the joint interests and responsibilities of teachers and parents for the education of children. Each school council decides on their composition and the numbers of representatives in each category. Our council consists of twelve members in total: eight parent members and four DEECD members including the principal. Councillors serve a two year term, with half the Council standing for election each year. Elections are held prior to March 31 each year.

Sub Committees

The following sub committees have been established to assist in the operation of School Council:

  • Finance
  • Facilities
  • Education
  • Auburn Parents’ Association (APA)

Various project groups also meet as required.

Membership of these sub committees is open to parents and teachers. Nominations for membership are called for annually. All sub committees include teachers and at least one School Council representative.

Whilst School Council has the ultimate decision making responsibility the sub committees initiate improvements, make recommendations and lead the implementation of plans.


The School Council does not act in a vacuum. It seeks to involve the whole school community and, where appropriate, the wider community. Important policy initiatives are moulded in the light of wide consultations with parents, staff and where necessary, students. Involvement in the sub-committees of the School Council is open to both elected members of School Council and members of the general school community. Involvement is generally sought annually, with interest and a willingness to allocate time and ideas being the chief requirements.

Our School Council invites all parents to participate in the work and activities of School Council. Subcommittees are an excellent avenue for such involvement. The council meets at least twice per term, usually on the third Thursday of the month. School Council meetings are open for observers to attend, and the minutes of meetings are available through the office. Parents are also kept informed through School Council articles in the school newsletter following each meeting.

We invite all parents to consider involvement in this important governing body of our school. Half the Council is up for re-election each year, prior to March 31. Nominations are called via the school’s website and official nomination forms are available from the school office. Elections, involving the whole school community, are held if the number of nominations exceeds the number of vacancies on Council.

Membership of sub-committees is open to any school community member, based on interest. It is not necessary to be a member of School Council to join a sub-committee. Groups such as the APA are vital to the community life of the school, and rely on broad membership to achieve its aim of catering for the fundraising, social and community aspects of school life.


President: Kate Horak

Treasurer: James Haviland

School Councillors (2019): G. Banks, A. Wright, M. Guest, F. Dickson, S. Protschky, A. Reeman, J. Kelly, A. Wood, A. Duffy, T. Sawalaga

All Councillors can be contacted via the School's email address.