Principal's Weekly Update


It has been a very positive restart to onsite schooling this week! The students have generally come in each morning with huge smiles and excited greetings, and left each day happy and exhausted! The staff have been thrilled to be back at school for face to face teaching and reconnecting with their students.

As a staff, we were overwhelmed and extremely grateful for the lovely card, coffee machine and huge coffee supply that arrived in the staff room today. Thank you to our wonderful parent community for this generous gift that will be sure to get plenty of use over the coming weeks!

APS Special Events

We are looking forward to getting back in to celebrating some whole school events in the coming weeks.


As we do each year prior to the AFL Grand Final, next week we will be celebrating all things football and sport by having our annual Footy Day.

Students are invited to wear their favourite sport’s team colours/uniforms to school on Thursday 22nd October.

While we are unable to hold a whole school parade as we usually do, within classes and cohorts, activities and opportunities to share a love of sport, and participate in some physical activities will be provided, including a special video message  from an Australian Hockeyroos player!


The Children’s Book Council (CBC) Book Week’s dates this year were pushed back, and falls next week. As we already have scheduled Footy Day for next week, and to give some more time for planning activities and a real celebration of all things books and reading, we will be holding our APS Book Day on Friday November 13th.

Further information will come, but as always, the students will be invited to celebrate their favourite books or book characters by dressing up and sharing in the enjoyment of reading!


To further support communications between the First Aid office and home, parents/carers will now receive an automated email, generated from Compass, informing them if their child has attended First Aid. The notification will include the reason for the visit, when they were there, any treatment and the outcome. Of course, as always, any significant injuries or emergencies will continue to involve a direct phone call.


Thursday 22nd October – Footy Day

Thursday 22nd October 2pm – 2021 Prep Parent Session with Dee Wardrop via WebEx

Friday 23rd October – Public Holiday – No School

Thursday 29th October 11am -  2021 Prep Parent Session with Jenny Mackay via WebEx

Wishing you all a safe and enjoyable weekend!

Kind regards,




Dear Parents & Carers,

We are very excited and ready to welcome our students back to onsite learning on Monday. A short video for our families is included with this update, available here.

As we prepare to return to onsite learning next week, we know that many students (and parents and teachers!) will be experiencing a range of feelings.

You may notice that your child is feeling:

Excited or happy: they may be feeing ready for their return to school and excited about seeing their friends and teachers, and looking forward to re-engaging with their learning in a ‘face to face’ model.

Nervous or anxious: having been away from their peers and school routines for awhile, some children may be feeling uncertain about their place amongst their peers and how school will look on their return. They may also be anxious about their health and the health of others.

Frustrated or annoyed: some children may have enjoyed the learning from home environment, and spending time with parents/carers and siblings, and do not want to return onsite.

It’s important to remember that all of these feelings are normal, and we all react in different ways.

Some helpful tips for parents at this time include:

-          Managing expectations – for children in particular, change, whether large or small can be disruptive.  It’s important to remember the students haven’t been at school for many weeks now and it will take some time to adjust.

-          Acknowledging their anxiety – acknowledging that your child has worries or concerns is important. Validating their feelings, and acknowledging their concerns, before reassuring them, will help them feel safe and secure.

-          Prepare them – most children like to know what’s ahead – you can prepare them by discussing some of the information provided in the Returning to onsite education documents sent earlier this week around hygiene, and in particular the drop off and pick up arrangements. The Family Pick UP Plan is an important part of this.

-          Focus on reconnecting – Auburn PS has always placed emphasis on the importance of connections and now is the time to reconnect – with other students, teachers and support staff. This will be big focus for Term 4 at school, and can be supported at home with the conversations that you have with your child, and encouraging opportunities to connect (in line with restrictions) as they arise.

-          Take care of yourself – parents and carers have been doing an enormous amount in the past few months – balancing the learning from home pogrom with your own work demands, caring for siblings or other family members, to name a few. Consider your own emotional resources, and make wellbeing a priority.


The attached resource may be of interest, and, as always, if you or your family need additional support – please get in touch with your child’s teacher or Allison Blackley:


  • Families should create a new Family Pick Up Plan prior to starting school on Monday. We noticed our students growing independence during the previous return to school experience, particularly at drop off and pick up times. Consistent with Department guidelines and in the interest of safety and building student independence, parents are not to come onsite without prior approval. Please determine a suitable meeting point off school grounds.
  • A prompt drop-off and pick-up is best. Drop off times are between 8.40 am and 9 am to designated gates. Pick up times are as follows: group A 3.15 pm; group B & C 3.30 pm
  • Sun Smart Hats are required at this time of year
  • Pack a raincoat for your child, this may be helpful should it rain during pick up times.

We are committed to providing a safe learning and working environment for our students and staff. We ask for the whole school community support with the provided processes to enable us to provide the safest possible environment during this time.


Monday 12th October – All students return to onsite schooling

Tuesday 13th October 7:30pm – 2021 Prep Parent Information Evening via WebEx

Thursday 22nd October – Footy Day

Thursday 22nd October 2pm – 2021 Prep Parent Session via WebEx

Friday 23rd October – Public Holiday – No School


Wishing you all a safe and enjoyable weekend!

Tim Sawalaga