Auburn Parents Association

The Auburn Parents’ Association (APA) at Auburn Primary School is a sub-committee of School Council.

The APA’s objectives are to:

  • Provide a community-based environment for all to share and learn
  • Arrange opportunities for social interaction within our school community, creating friendships and a support network
  • Create a forum for parents and carers to share information, discuss ideas that support school programs and profile initiatives to School Council
  • Undertake fundraising activities to provide a variety of facilities, equipment and materials for pupils and staff to create a better learning environment.

The APA has an emphasis on fun and a social approach to strengthening the fabric of our School Community and thus enhancing our children’s educational experience.

For parents and carers, becoming involved with the APA is a fabulous way to make friends, connect with your child’s school and make a difference to the environment and culture that they are involved in.

Auburn Parents Association Meetings

All parents and carers are welcomed and encouraged to attend and contribute ideas, concepts and opinions. 

It is a great group and a wonderful opportunity to take an active role in your child’s school experience.  

We meet once a term in the evening at the Geebung Polo Club.

Class Representatives

All Classes at Auburn Primary School have Class Representatives to provide a liaison point for teachers and families in coordinating resources, events, information or assistance. 

The Class Representative role is often shared amongst 2-3 parents and carers to distribute the work and to make it even more fun.

Class Representatives regularly share useful information, including upcoming events and activities for children or their parents, via email.

Upcoming Events

To keep up to date with upcoming APA activities and events, you can check news and events via the Skoolbag app and follow the school on Twitter. 


Convenor: Kate Horak

Treasurer: James Haviland

Secretary:Di Banks & Monica Parris

Head of Communications: Victoria McGill