School Policies

The School maintains a number of formal policies, which can be accessed here:

APS Accidents and Incidents Reporting Policy 2018

APS Anaphylaxis Management Policy 2018

APS Asthma Policy 2017

APS Attendance Policy 2018

APS Bullying Prevention Policy 2019

APS Care Arrangements for Ill Students Policy 2016 

APS Child Safe Policy 2019

APS Communication of Behaviour Policies 2018

APS Concerns and Complaints Policy 2018

APS Critical Incident Recovery Policy and Plan 2016

APS Curriculum Framework Policy 2018

APS Day Structure Policy 2014

APS Drug Education Policy 2015

APS Duty of Care Policy 201

APS Enrolment Policy 2019

APS Epilepsy and Seizure Policy 2018

APS Excursion and Camp Policy 2018

APS External Provider Policy 2018

APS First Aid Policy 2018

APS Gifts,Benefits and Hospitality Policy 2014

APS Health Care Needs Policy 2016

APS Homework Policy 2018

APS Acceptable Use Policy for Internet and Digital Technologies 2019  

APS Incursions Policy 201

APS International Sister School Policy 2017

APS Investment Policy 2016

APS Mandatory reporting Policy 2018

APS Medication Policy 2018

 APS Mobile Phone Policy -

APS OHS Policy 2017

APS Onsite supervision Policy 2016

APS Outdoor Facilities Policy 2016

APS Parent Payments and Voluntary Financial Contributions Policy 2016

APS Photographing, Filiming & Recording Policy 2018

APS Privacy Policy 2018 

APS Refund Policy

APS Statement of Values and School Philosophy 2019

APS Sponsorship Policy 2017

APS Staff Professional Development Policy 2016

APS Student Management Policy 2018 

APS Student Dress Code Policy 201

APS Student Welfare, Wellbeing & Engagement Policy 2019

APS Sun Smart Policy 2019

APS Volunteers Policy 2018

APS Working With Children Policy 201

APS NDIS Providers Process 2018