In mid-2015, Auburn Primary School commenced transition to a new system of communication to improve its communication with parents, prospective parents and the wider community, as outlined in the School’s Annual Implementation Plan 2015.

Key elements of the new communications approach were the adoption of the Skoolbag Communications App (Skoolbag) and the integration of Skoolbag into a redeveloped school Website.

Since then, we have upgraded to COMPASS, which provides functions such as communications targeted at year levels and/or the whole school,  a community, year level and staff calendar, a place where parents can check and manage their children's absences and access student reports and a range of functions to support staff program planning. 

This User Manual provides everyone with an interest in communicating information within the School clarity on how the new communications system will operate.

In simple terms, it’s about who, what, where of communicating using these new tools.