Pastoral Care


All new students will be assigned a buddy to help them settle into their new environment.

Prep students will be assigned a Year 5/6 student with whom they will meet regularly throughout their Prep year.

Connect Groups also provide pastoral care and buddies opportunities.

Friendship Tree

Located in the Junior School, our Friendship Tree is a place for our Junior School children to go if they are feeling sad, lost, lonely, or needing a quiet time in the playground. Staff on duty then help these children to get back into playground activities with others.

Other children will often approach those who are at the Friendship Tree to ask if they would like to join in their activities.


At Auburn we believe our students have the right to feel safe, happy and to be treated with respect as they learn. A policy has been developed around the rationale of building student relationships. It is published on our website.

Additional Services

The Education Department provides some access to the services of a Guidance Officer (educational psychologist) and Speech Pathologist, upon request to the principal or assistant principal.

The school also subsidises the cost of providing additional Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy.

The principal or assistant principal are the best points of contact in relation to these services.  The principal and assistant principal can also be a link between families and other support services as may be required.