Student Welfare and Management

 As a school community we foster a sense of individual responsibility and self-worth, where each community member respects the rights of others and is sensitive towards their needs. At Auburn Primary School we encourage students to take responsibility for their own actions and develop self-discipline and resilience within a supportive school community.

Our school’s Student Welfare Policy clearly outlines the need for yearly Codes of Conduct to be discussed and created with the students in term one.

We understand that children make mistakes from time to time, however it is important to spend time reflecting on these mistakes and why they occurred. Restoration (the restorative approach) may also be appropriate.

In term one of each year, all classes reflect on the school values and discuss the types of behaviours that would demonstrate these values. Appropriate rewards and consequences are also discussed so students gain an understanding of the relationship between actions and consequences. We try to ensure that consequences are uniform across levels. These discussions are then formalised into a Code of Conduct and displayed in the classroom for reference throughout the year.

Sometimes it may be necessary for students to take time out of normal classroom activities to discuss and reflect on inappropriate behaviour. Generally speaking, parents will be contacted and the situation discussed, if children are withdrawn from the learning or play spaces for any significant time, due to an incident occurring.