First Aid

The school maintains the appropriate number of first aid trained staff to meet the level of care required.

If your child requires medication throughout the school day, please obtain the appropriate form from the school office, or the website, which should be completed and passed on, to ensure your instructions are followed. (Asthma medication will be kept in close proximity to the student.)

The sick bay, first aid supplies and the administration of medication is co-ordinated by our office staff. If your child is unwell or is injured enough to warrant going home, you will be notified.

It is very important that your contact details are accurate. If contact is unable to be made, an email or notification slip will be sent home to communicate that your child visited the sick bay that day. All head injuries will warrant the school notifying you by phone, no matter how insignificant they may appear to be.

If it is considered that an ambulance is required, it will be called whether or not the family holds ambulance cover. Parents are liable for any associated cost.