Leadership Opportunities

Leadership opportunities are available in each class as part of regular routines. Monitors assist with various classroom tasks. Class experts are identified in various aspects of learning and opportunities are shared. Every child has the experience of leading, at some time, during the year. This is important to build self-esteem.

All classes from Year 1-6 elect a Junior School Council (JSC) representative. JSC meets regularly to identify school improvement areas and has a social service focus.

The Prep - Year 5/6 buddy program provides another important opportunity for modelling and leadership and is eagerly anticipated by the students.

We have leadership opportunities for all our Year 6 students. Through formally addressing their peers, students indicate their wish to be considered for leadership positions. Role statements have been developed for all positions. Students deliver speeches in support of their candidacy. After this process students complete a voting form. Teachers then have the opportunity to provide input to the process. Announcements and congratulations occur at a school assembly, soon after. We do rely on our Year 6 students to lead a variety of responsibilities. On occasion, our Year 5 students also assist in undertaking these duties.

Connect Groups are vertical pastoral care groups which meet with the same teacher each week and operate across the school, across the year. As part of our leadership development, our Year 5 students are supported to plan activities and lead part of each Connect Group meeting, supported by the Year 6s. Connect Groups began in 2011. The focus is on areas such as resilience, social skills, bystander behaviour or cyber safety.