Our people

As a team, we all contribute to a caring student-centred learning environment where children can become confident and independent life long learners.

Our Leadership team

Tim Sawalaga


Allison Blackley

Assistant Principal

Andrew Wood

Assistant Principal

Carol O’Neill

Leading Teacher

Charlene Simons

Learning Specialist

Josh Kelly

Learning Specialist

Foundation team

Prep A – Caroline Coady
Prep B – Alexia Yianoulatos (Learning Leader)
Prep C – Ami Tran

Year 1/2 team

1/2A Rhani Donald
1/2B Josh Kelly (Learning Specialist)
1/2C Katie Tesoriero
1/2D Kaye Henry (Learning Leader)
1/2E Camilla Ella

Year 3/4 team

3/4A Jessi Adams
3/4B Sherina Karunaratna
3/4C Lara Webb
3/4D Gemma Setter (Learning Leader)
3/4E Cam Howat
3/4F Clara Ellis & Lili Van

Year 5/6 team

5/6A Elly Louchart & Natasha Engelhardt
5/6B Daniel Hutton
5/6C Naomi Salton
5/6D Jack Helms (Learning Leader)

Specialist team

Lili Van (LOTE – Mandarin)
Natasha Engelhardt (PE)
Emma Pentz & Michael Patton (Art)
Michael Patton (Performing Arts)
Elizabeth Tinson (Garden STEM)

Office team

Business Manager (TBC)
Natalie Grummitt and Marianne Gonsalves (Front office/Administration)
First Aid Officer (TBC)

Education support team

Allison Blackley & Andrew Wood (Assistant Principals – coaching and intervention support)
Charlene Simons (Learning Specialist – coaching and intervention support)
Carol O’Neill (Leading Teacher – coaching and intervention support)
Louise Hodgkinson (English as an Additional Language),
Anna Beale (Library)
Michael Houben & Laura Fisher (Integration Aides)


51 Rathmines Rd Hawthorn East VIC 3123Google map

Auburn Primary School acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the lands that are used by the School, and we pay our respects to their Elders past, present, and emerging.