Our trusted partnerships with specialist providers and sister school play an important role in our school community.

Out of School Hours Care provider

Before, After and Holiday School Care Program is provided by Team Kids and is available on-site before, after school and throughout the school holidays, on-site.

Auburn Primary School works in close partnership with Team Kids to ensure an exciting and engaging program for students that is child-centred and values community.

The Resilience Project

The Resilience Project delivers emotionally engaging programs to schools, providing practical, evidence-based, positive mental health strategies to build resilience and happiness. Through presentations, school curriculum, journals and app, their goal is to help all Australians become mentally healthy.

Their approach is to work with the whole school community including teachers, students and parents helping them understand the importance of practicing and implementing key strategies to build resilience and drive sustainable change.

Auburn Primary School students and teachers access the Resilience Project curriculum and utilise their journals to focus on GRATITUDE, EMPATHY, KINDNESS and MINDFULNESS. Our partnership with Resilience Project is highly valued by our community and continues to support student, staff and family wellbeing.

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Hargan – Psychologists

We recognise that, at times, students and their families may need additional support for a range of reasons, including anxiety, family circumstances, engagement in learning and behaviour support. Auburn PS has an established partnership with Hargan Psychology. You may be eligible to access support for your child through the Mental Health Care program. Please contact your GP or Hargan directly for further information on your eligibility.

Further information can be obtained by contacting the school, or Hargan directly, and noting your child’s attendance at Auburn:

Hanzhong Longgang School: Sister School in China

Since 2014, Auburn has been exploring links between our school and those in China, to enhance and support our languages program.

Hanzhong Longgang School, in the Shaanxi Provence, and Auburn Primary School have developed an ongoing partnership with the goal of:

  • Enhancing Chinese and English Language Learning for all students
  • Cultural enrichment through shared learning experiences and reciprocal visits.

Dee Wardrop & Associates: Speech and Occupational Therapists

Since 2016, Auburn Primary School have worked alongside Dee Wardrop & Associates to provide support for families in the areas of Occupational and Speech Therapy.

The partnership between the therapists and the school mean that strategies can be enacted on the spot during learning time, and the communication between the therapist, teachers and home is consistent and ongoing.

Further information can be obtained by contacting the school, or Dee Wardrop & Associates directly, and noting your child’s attendance at Auburn:


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Auburn Primary School acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the lands that are used by the School, and we pay our respects to their Elders past, present, and emerging.